Website help

I cannot setup an account
  • Check you have filled in the username box as required.
  • Ensure your email address is correct and valid.
  • Click the signup box and follow the instructions to active your account via a confirmation email in your email inbox.
  • Once you have clicked the link in the email and are directed back to the Clic website, fill in your profile information.
  • The profile information you enter should be correct to yourself.
  • Once created, should you need to update any profile information you can via the settings page on your profile page (accessed via the top right-hand corner, where your username and profile picture are visible).
I did not receive a verification email, what do I do?
On the webpage where you previously entered your email address for think to be sent, there is a section that reads ‘re-send email link’. Click this and a follow up email should be in your inbox shortly.
How do I change my password?

In the top right-hand corner of the page you will see your username and profile picture. ‘Hover’ over this image until a dropdown menu appears, then click on settings. Your current password should be entered in the password box automatically. Below this you will see a ‘generate new password’ box. Click this and edit the new password box as required. Click the save button to update to your new password.

If you wish to view your new password, click on the eye icon or to cancel, click the cancel box. Your password will now stay as the original option you created.

Forgotten your password?
To re-set your password, head to the login area and click ‘forgotten password?’. You will be asked to enter the email address linked to your account and should receive a follow up email with a link to re-set your password. Open this email and click the relevant link, you will be re-directed back to the Clic site – follow these instructions
Why can I not see new comments or content?
The page might not have updated correctly when loading, try to ‘refresh’ the page by holding down the ctrl + F5 buttons on your keyboard at the same time. Alternatively, where the website url bar features at the top of the page, click the circular arrow to refresh the webpage.